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  • Tax Planning

  • The first step in tax planning is determining the right structure for your business from inception. Different forms of business enterprises can pay wildly different taxes on income, and it makes good business sense to sit down with a tax professional to discuss the merits of each company structure.

     With a trusted tax professional as your advisor, you can conceive of and implement strategies to reduce the amount of taxes you’ll pay in the current year and in the future, freeing up money to cover expenses or expand your business. Tax planning can supply you with the capital needed to achieve your goals. There are several ways to accomplish this such as planning to purchase necessary equipment before year-end or deferring taxes for a period. Following are a few of the areas that SBA Acccounting & Tax can help you optimize:

    •  Choosing the right accounting method can have a major impact on the amount of taxes owed by a business at year-end.
    • Depending on the inventory valuation method you use, you could realize substantial tax savings.
    • Various types of employee benefits can provide a business with tax deductions, such as contributions to life insurance, health insurance, or retirement plans.
    •  With SBA Accounting & Tax as your tax planning partners, you will see the following benefits:
    •  Long-term tax planning can reduce the amount you owe in the future, both for individuals and businesses.
    •  Tax planning educates you on the types of deductions to think about for the future and when to act.
    •  You get forward-thinking strategies based on current tax laws and regulations.
    •  You also get an impartial opinion from a seasoned expert who has studied intensively, which results in better advice and crucial insights into your tax situation.

     Whatever tax planning services you require, SBA Accounting & Tax has the experience and the expertise to provide you with the resources and tools you need to reduce your tax burden.


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